What We Do

Our global team-spread comprises of well experienced designers, artists and developers, who create original IPs, innovate new concepts for existing IPs with high production value, games for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and HTML5 platforms.

Mobile & Desktop
Our high tech games wizards provide end-to-end game client and server development services for mobile phones, tablets and PCs that run on IOS, Android or Windows. We build games using industry standard middleware like Unity3D & Unreal to provide fully native implementations, depending on the objectives. Our teams can cover parts, or the entire life cycle of a game - from idea seed to completion.
Our cross platform HTML5 and Web teams provide high grade, end-to-end implementation on front and back-end.We are experienced in dealing with the specific issues that appear when optimizing performance, memory usage and other aspects of HTML5/Web implementation on desktop and mobile devices.
Applied Games
Primarily Lash Entertainment caters to the entertainment industry while at the same time we specifically work on  serious application of gaming services for private companies, Governments and public institutions, deploying gaming technology and design for more serious applications and social causes. Using our extensive game development knowledge, our teams deliver cross platform applied games and simulations to a global audience with minimal or no game development knowledge required on the side of the client.
Using proven experience on all game platforms, Lash Entertainment provides porting services that enable clients to access audiences on previously unavailable devices. Porting includes platform specific adaptation of the interaction as well as cross-technology ports where we take existing games and either modernize or convert them from one middleware technology or platform to another.

The power of imagination is one of our greatest virtues. This is reiterated by the amount of freedom in our games, and is entrenched in the way we conduct business. Whether they are employees or players, we encourage people to find alternate ways to play, dream up new ideas, and push the boundaries of what we can do, to higher and higher dimensions.
Our services
Lash Entertainment is backed by University Professors and high rated intellectuals providing cutting edge researching back up for our gaming development services. Our combination of experience and breadth of services provides gaming operators, developers, investors, government agencies, nations, attorneys, architects and Advertising Agencies with a single window source for their varied needs. We take great care to understand our client's thought processes and aspirations and the deliverables  always match their needs and sensibilities.

Lash Entertainment plans to support and develop its properties, as well as experiment with new game concepts, platforms, Virtual Reality, and different business models.
Our Vision
To raise the benchmarks of animation and gaming to the next generation. For us and the world the future has arrived and WE ARE THE FUTURE.
Our Mission
To create value for individual clients specifically and the society and mankind at large through sound gaming concepts and ideas, working closely with Nations, Governments, Private and Public institutions to further the positive march of mankind into unchartered horizons using gaming technology and our own unique innovations.