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Lash Entertainment is conceived as a high end innovative game developer, Proveding visual Media products and services to the gaming industry worldwide


Incorporated in 2016 Lash Entertainment is conceived as a high end innovative game developer, providing visual media products and services to the gaming industry worldwide. We intend to grow our business by delivering cross platform game content in multiple genres. Lash Entertainment has a tech savvy game development team focused on serious gaming. Lash Entertainment attracts and retains industry best talents from around the globe under a superior leadership team; and aspires to absolute independence as a profitable game studio with a collaborative, creative, and brilliant mindset. We have developed a variety of gaming proposals for multiple entities in Governments, Public/Private undertakings, Global organizations etc.

Rich in talents and on a high in motivation, our team is constantly evolving and innovating, taking responsibilities and meeting challenges head on in order to reach our goals and oftentimes surpass them.

We put trust in technology and customized infrastructure fuelling our creativity and rapid expansion based directly on audience knowledge, domain knowledge and the will to win. This would lead us to take design ideas to playable releases in days rather than months. Lash Entertainment is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, with people all around the world playing one or more of our games. We offer games that are enjoyed all around the world.

At Lash games are designed for mass audiences allowing people to play, then move on to other occupations and pick up the threads later at a leisurely pace enjoying the pleasure of gaming without stress or compulsion. Our games are also synchronized across platforms, allowing players to switch seamlessly between devices and platforms and continue their game wherever they left off, so they can play anywhere, any time and on any device.

Our games are loaded with social features, history, culture and civilization thereby enhancing end user experience. We inculcate solid values based on collaboration, humility and respect within the organization and passion seeps relentlessly into each individual producing magical results continuously. We wish to translate all these ideas into our games creating pleasurable and enjoyable moments of quality entertainment.


We are a creative powerhouse, dreaming up hitherto unheard of dimensions into the gaming experience. We pack a greater quantum of elasticity in our products, and is part and parcel of our business ethos. We encourage a participative interactive and exploratory approach to playing on our games for our own people as well as the public so that new ideas and pathways develop in the way we play the games thereby expanding our minds, breaking down barriers and casting our thought processes into higher echelons beyond the horizon into unchartered territory.


Lash Entertainment, backed by Academicians and Researchers and other extra ordinary Game Thinkers provide cutting edge research support for our gaming development services.

Our combination of experience and breadth of services provides gaming operators, developers, investors, Government agencies, nations, attorneys, architects and advertising agencies with a single window source for their varied needs. We take great care to understand our client's thought processes and aspirations, and the deliverables always match their needs and sensibilities.


Transforming your digital experience filled with Magical Realism, Thrills, Adventure, Strife, Passion, Pathos, Togetherness, friendship and more where you are the Centre of Attention and take the story forward in participative bliss.


Humility and Purity of Soul Boundless Creativity Nothing but the Best Weaving the Perfect Storyline Success is the Perfect Team


We are backed up by Immense Expertise, Ultimate QA, Cutting Edge A.R.M., Business intelligence, Game Data Cloud Service, Player Management Platform, Unique Analytical Solutions, Video Game Development


Lash Entertainment plans to support and develop its properties, as well as experiment with new game concepts, platforms, Virtual Reality, and different business models.



We have an enlightened team of great humans who are absolutely passionate about their chosen profession and to improve in their areas of excellence, they strive hard to work in accordance with the values we cherish, seek mentorship, uphold the vision of the Management Peers and conspire together as one organic mind, to thrust Lash Entertainment into the center stage of the gaming and media industry globally.



We have the best international game concept with us and we are masters of the creative art and our excellence is all pervading across the spectrum of publishing, marketing, getting the right sponsors aligning and engaging with external associates; we are have the brains, well experienced, motivated and raring to go working in networked perfection to achieve the seemingly impossible “Game” that sets the world on fire


A celebration of talent, fusing creative souls from varied geographies and cultures working seamlessly as one mind; passionate humans energized, wild, at the forefront of technology, creating marvelous art-forms, innovative games that are lapped up by legions of fans worldwide.


We have a fabulous track record, our present will script the future, Flip through our Masterstrokes and the visual treat will electrify you, as our awesome design thinking will blow your mind.


We build and spread Marvelous video games

Unique purpose built strategies are designed and executed in association with local partners in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In the Americas and Japan we work closely with our counterparts to create unique Production and marketing strategies suiting our affinities. A team of runaway talents manages the creation, development and production activities of our games working in tandem with third party our own studios and external publishers.


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